Music at the Red Door could not exist without the loyal support of these generous people who have made donations for the 2020-2021 season.

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Hope & Bill Eakins

The Emerick Family

Alex & Patricia Vance

The Verney Family



Christopher & Kimberley Byrd

Halsey & Michele Cook

The Hammond Family

Bette-Jane Hardersen

William R. Peelle, Jr.



Jack & Eleanor Barnes

David & Marian Beers

Lynn & Lissie Brooks

Matt & Alina Ciscel

Kathryn S. L. Cox
in honor of Douglas Hyland

Nancy Hemstreet Eaton
in memory of my teacher, Ruth Milliken

Robert & Katherine Eikel

Christa Rakich & Janis Milroy

John & Laura Roche

Paul Shaker & Cleveland Williams
in memory of Edward and Lillian Shaker

The Stretz Family

Lynne & Ralph Valentine

Lyn Walker

John Wilcox & Virginia Van Dyk




Brad & Janet Babbitt

The Clapp Family

Suzanne Gates

Ray & Julia Giolitto

Priscilla R. Hexter

Helen & Don Hughlett
in honor of Scott Lamlein

Betty Knorr

Scott A. McIntyre

Joseph L. Pace

James C. Shafer

Anhared & John Stowe

William J. Uricchio & Katherine M. Hart
in honor of John & Martha Church and family for many years of service to St. John’s



in memory of M. Searle Wright


Charles & Claudia Ayer

Frank & Jenefer Berall

Inga Buhrmann

Robert & Edith Connolly

Barbara O. David
in honor of Leonid Sigal

Daniel Kingman

The Lamlein Family
in memory of Edward W. Lamlein, Jr.

Louis & Gloria Neuchterlein
in honor of our daughter, Anne Harney

Nancy Pedersen

Mark Proft
in memory of Virginia E. Proft

Nina & Duccio Roselli Del Turco

Robert & Nancy Skeele

Paul & Jacqueline Smith

William B. Smith

Patricia Struglia

John & Anne Walsh




Cynthia Bittinger

Whitney A. Boynton

Brian & Susan Clemow

Marion Conklin

Ann Drinan

Linda Dunakin

Charles & Candace Evans
in honor of Edward Clark

Patti Fehr

Anne Harney

Susan & Ross Hatch

Ginny Kemp & Mike Biondi

Sarah Kieffer

Wendy Lincoln

The Mahoney Family
in memory of Polly & Chuck Serpan

Walter & Anne Mayo

Jackie McCauley
in memory of Monico and Elsie Velasco

Mark W. McLaughlin

Jim & Julia O’Brien

Hank Prussing & Susan Pearson

John Rose

Charlotte & Martin Sornborger

Humphrey Tonkin & Jane Edwards

Akilah Williams

Cheryl Wadsworth




Edie Sletner