St. John’s Choir

The St. John’s Choir (Choir School and Adult Choir) is an all-age group of singers that has fun while learning all about music reading, theory, vocal training, and the great sacred choral repertoire, old and new. With the worship of God at our core, we prepare anthems and larger works of music to be presented at the 10:30 a.m. service of worship at St. John’s Church. We also sing for Evensong and concerts at St. John’s, and for a number of special events at other venues.

The music we sing is primarily Anglican traditional choral music, and classic repertoire written from the Middles Ages through the present day. Occasionally we sing music that is Gospel or other styles, but you’ll not find a praise band or song leader in this tradition. The St. John’s Choir is well-known in Greater Hartford, and recently sang in residence at Washington National Cathedral.


The St. John’s Choir School is made up of children age 7 1/2-18, and utilizes music as a vehicle for life and faith lessons. Each child is given training, as part of their singing, in the serious aspects of music learning, including music reading, posture, and proper singing technique. Along with that comes increased brain power, responsibility, and team building – all skills that grow amazing children who later become successful and amazing adults.

Affiliated with the Royal School of Church Music, the choir is based on the tradition in the English Cathedrals, in which children are paid a modest, token stipend, treated as professional musicians, and sing alongside trained adults. As they grow and achieve more, they are promoted to different color ribbon levels and receive an increase in payment. Leaders are created through this program, and several of our graduated choristers have gone on to college and careers in music. The choir itself recently sang in residence at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC, an honor reserved for the most accomplished of choirs.

Choir School rehearsal is each Wednesday at 5pm, and dinner is provided on around three of those per month. We sing at the 10:30 service at St. John’s about twice per month, on major holidays, and at a few concerts. This allows continued membership in your current church if you have one. We have a fabulous summer choir camp each year to start off the year with fun, games, music, and food. In addition, the Choir School helps lead the Kids’ Community Music Camp each summer, providing musical instruction and enrichment to West End children.

We are a faith-based organization, but no religious affiliation is required, and we will not pressure you to join our church. The program is free, except for times that we travel, but we may ask you for donations occasionally, which are completely voluntary. St. John’s is a safe, inspiring, and welcoming environment. 

A Primary Choir for children aged 3-7 is available to prepare our youngest singers for Choir School membership.

We are currently auditioning for the upcoming season – click here to apply today!

palm procession 2015 croppedThe semi-professional Adult Choir sings every week and is open to experienced choral singers by audition. Inquiries from prospective singers are welcome at any time; no religious affiliation is necessary. Sang in choir in high school and/or college? This might be the group for you! If you’re a parent of one of our Choir School members, this is a great opportunity to make music together. 

To arrange an audition for our Adult Choir, or to find out more, click here to contact us today.